Bollywood trying to copy Hollywood Coldwar style, "RAAZI" is yet another example

Bollywood trying to copy Hollywood Coldwar style,

LAHORE- Bollywood has started to tow the line of Coldwar Hollywood where Americans made movies against Russia as a soft power to hit Russian minds. Similarly Bollywood has started to make controversial movies regarding Pakistan India wars.

The recent movie of Alia Bhatt ‘Raazi’ will not be releasing in Pakistan. Due to its controversial content, no distributor has agreed to purchase the film. While the Meghan Gulzar-helmed project is slated to release in India on May 11.

The movie is based upon Pakistan Army officer and the Indian RAW agent and gents his wife.

The movie is thought to be based on the ‘Indo-Pakistan’ complicated issues. The movie is based on a true story. ‘Raazi’ is an adaptation of Harinder S Sikka’s book titled Calling Sehmat. It starts off with an Indian father who finds a Pakistani suitor for his daughter Sehmat, played by Alia. He asks her to live in Pakistan and serve as an Indian spy.

A senior representative of Distribution company expressed his views regarding the movie that,“It is disappointing to see that films on controversial subjects are being produced in India time and again,” He added, “All our distributors are well aware of Alia’s role in Raazi and so, no one is willing to purchase the film. Patriotism is another reason for distributors not being pushed about buying the film. Indian producers should know that all our distributors have unanimously decided to boycott such controversial films.”

Inspired by the India-Pakistan war of 1971, Raazi is directed by Meghna Gulzar. It’s for sure that this movie will not be shown in Pakistani cinemas.