Balochistan University students invent unique rescue alert system

Balochistan University students invent unique rescue alert system

QUETTA – Balochistan’s students Saaram and Jamaldin, two computer sciences students from Balochistan University, who have invented a unique rescue alert system that can detect the nature of accidents within seconds.

According to the inventors, the alert system can locate accidents and their nature within seconds using smartphones.

Through the help of LCD, LID, silencers, micro controllers and AC, the alert system costing Rs. 25,000 was assembled. This smart system can efficiently detect the location and nature of the accident, and give alerts on smartphones.

With the help of GPS system rescue teams can be directed towards the exact location of an accident.

The young inventors say that due to delay in rescue operations many people lose their lives. The failure to receive adequate and immediate medical help, these students say they decided to work on inventing something innovative that can help save lives.

According to the inventors, their goal is to save as many lives as possible through their smart rescue alert system.

This smart invention took Saaram and Jamaldin ten months to complete, and their success was received well. They received awards for the best invention at their university’s science fair.