Pakistan Ranked 11th largest Arms importer of the World, check out the main arms exporting countries to Pakistan

Pakistan Ranked 11th largest Arms importer of the World, check out the main arms exporting countries to Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan was on Monday ranked the eleventh largest arms importer in the world in a report link published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). According to the report, arch-rival India was ranked second on the list.

Figures released by SIPRI alongside the report showed that China, Russia and Italy were the main suppliers of arms to Pakistan. Import numbers further highlighted that the actual share of Pakistani imports in total global weapons imports had decreased.

According to the Stockholm-based institute, China accounted for 73% of the total arms imports of Pakistan over 2015-2019, with Russia (6.6%) and Italy (6.1%) second and third on the list.

The report noted that Pakistan's share in global arms imports had decreased by 39% in the period. The overall decrease in Pakistan's arms imports over the latest five-year period was linked to the US decision to stop military aid to Pakistan.

The institute noted that Pakistan was among the top three buyers of arms from top weapons exporters like Italy and Turkey. Pakistan had a 7.5% share in arms imports from Italy between 2015-2019, and 12% share in Turkish arms over the same period.

SIPRI also identified a significant drop in arms sales to South Asia by the United States, which was listed as the largest arms exporter in the world between 2015-2019.

The institute noted that US arms imports to Pakistan declined by 92%, and to India by 51% over this period. The US, which had accounted for 30% of Pakistan’s arms imports in 2010–14, was responsible for only 4.1% in 2015–19.

Meanwhile, Islamabad was identified as the largest buyer of Chinese arms between 2015-2019, accounting for 35% of the arms exported by Beijing — the fifth largest exporter of weapons in the world in the five-year period.

According to SIPRI, China accounted for 51% of Pakistan's arms imports in 2010–14 and for 73% in 2015–19. SIPRI also noted that Pakistan continued to import arms from Europe, strengthening relations with Turkey with orders for 30 combat helicopters and four frigates in 2018.