Kashmiri women in IOK faces grim era of life as Valley turns into hell: Haider

Kashmiri women in IOK faces grim era of life as Valley turns into hell: Haider

MIRPUR: Prime Minister Azad Kashmir (AJK), Raja Farooq Haider Khan said the Kashmiri women in occupied Kashmir are facing the bleakest era of her life with courage and boldness as Indian occupational forces have turned the Valley into hell.

In a statement on the eve of the International women day on Thursday, the AJK prime minister said discriminate use of lethal weapons, killings, loot, plunder and sexual assault on women have become a routine matter in occupied Kashmir.

He said the concept of half-widow in the world came from occupied Kashmir where thousands of husbands have been
kidnapped by Indian secret agencies and Indian forces and women werre waiting for their husbands to return home.
He said Indians were desperate to change the narrative of Kashmir issue and disclosing the nefarious designs of India.

People in the occupied Kashmir were facing horrendous situations, un-proportionate military might, detentions and unabated killings, he added.

Haider said Kashmir issue is the unfinished agenda as per Indian partition plan and we were never asked to avail the opportunity to decide our political destiny.Referring to the present situation with respect to a gross violation of human rights at the hands of Indian occupation forces, he added that denial of civil and political liberties has become alarming and grim.

He said people were mercilessly killed, maimed arrested, blinded, bruised and molestation of a woman is used as a war weapon by Indian occupation forces.
He said in this grim situation the life, honor and property of the people had become vulnerable and human rights bodies were not allowed to take notice of this.

He said India wants to create panic among innocent citizens through unprovoked firing along the Line
of Control. Indian army is not of the region but is the world's terrorist army, which is a murderer of humanity. APP/AFP