CJP explains why he used Baba Rehmatay remarks

CJP explains why he used Baba Rehmatay remarks

LAHORE – Chief justice of Pakistan referred to his Baba Rahmatay remarks during a case hearing, stating that he will explain today why he used this term.

Chief Justice Nisar remarked that Baba Rahmatay is a person who resolves issued faced by common people and ensures that all the facilities are provided to them.

“I do not care about people criticising me regarding use of this term,” he added.

Hearing suo moto case against hefty charges for delivering services by medical colleges, Justice Saqib Nisar ordered the audit of medical colleges by an independent chartered firm to inquire about fee structures and charges.

He said that the fees should not be too high as to rob poor students’ pockets. He remarked that the medical education has become a business which is deplorable as it is a life-saving profession.

He further said that the medical colleges are producing mediocre lot and the doctors nowadays have no idea how to check something as petty as blood pressure.

The case hearing has been adjourned till March 10.