India's membership of NSG and MTCR: Security Challenges for Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: US President Barack Obama has supported Indian inclusion into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) during his recent meeting with the Indian PM Narendra Modi in Washington DC.


Besides US support to inclusion in NSG , India is likely to be inducted into the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).


Indian inclusion into these two prestigious forums is likely to disturb the balance of power in South Asia and Pakistan is going to be affected the most by these two recent developments in it's neighbours.


How Pakistan is going to be affected by these two developments in South Asia.


1.With Indian inclusion in MTCR it will be able to import the US lethal and most potent drones "Predators" for which Indian and US Defence Officials are already in talk with each other.


2. India will be able to import and export the ballistic missiles. With certain restrictions the import and export of the lethal Ballistic Missiles to and from India would be possible around the world.


3. With the inclusion in MTCR India will be able to import and export the cruise missiles and the cruise missile trade would be possible with the advanced states.


4. India would be allowed to have nuclear trade with the world countries after its inclusion into the NSG .


5.India would be able to pile up stocks of nuclear weapons at home after inclusion in NSG .


6. It will be able to improve both quality and quantity of its nuclear arms and stock.


7. World Powers would be able to trade freely with India in nuclear technology both in civilian and military technology.


8. The prestige associated with the NSG would be attained by India while Pakistan would be left behind in this aspect.


9. India's inclusion into the Nuclear Supplier Group NSG would give it the Veto Power and then it would block Pakistan inclusion into the NSG Group.


10. The strategic balance in the South Asia would be disturbed with Indian entry into the NSG and MTCR .


11. China would also be disturbed with the US backed inclusion of India in the MTCR and NSG . As after NSG and MTCR US and India would be able to trade freely in Military strategic arms and ammunitions that would be aimed at countering China in the region.


12. India would be able to buy high tech Missile technology from the advanced countries in the world.


13. India would be able to export it's cruise missile to third country like Vietnam which would create problems for China .


Both these developments of India joining MTCR and NSG would disturb the balance of power in South Asia and add towards Pakistan's isolation and worries in the region.


Pakistan should immediately activate it's foreign Policy apparatus to counter these Indian moves of getting the cutting edge technology and the elite status in the South Asian region which would start another race between the two nuclear armed neighbours hence jeopardising the peace in South Asia.



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