Afghan President's blame game at NATO Summit and future of Af-Pak peace process

Afghan President's blame game at NATO Summit and future of Af-Pak peace process

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday expressed its disappointment over the remarks of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani at the NATO Summit terming as `unfortunate' the hostile anti-Pakistan statements from Afghan leadership.


"It is unfortunate that Afghan leaders continue to make hostile statements against Pakistan and blame Pakistan for all failures in Afghanistan. However, since we have a genuine interest in seeing peace in Afghanistan, Pakistan would continue to make every effort to help bring peace in Afghanistan," the Foreign Office said in a statement.


"We also expect cooperation of the Afghan government in our fight against terrorism through effective border management and denying sanctuaries to anti Pakistan terrorists from TTP," it said.


The Foreign Office also said that the need of the hour was close cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan rather than constant blame game by the Afghan government based on inaccurate assumptions.


Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah also minced no words in blaming Pakistan for Afghan Problems.


He also termed West and NATO for failed Policy towards Pakistan which could not reap fruits in terms of peace in Afghanistan.


However Pakistan Foreign Office has asserted that Afghanistan Government should shun the TTP Sanctuaries in Afghanistan which are  the source of terrorism in Pakistan.


The blame game by Afghanistan will end up in failure of the Afghan Peace Process which is in prime national interest of Pakistan.