Samsung to introduce new phone with screens on both sides

Samsung to introduce new phone with screens on both sides

ISLAMABAD - Samsung has always been known for its curved screens, unlike other manufacturers, since it was first introduced in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This time Samsung might take curved screens to a whole new level by introducing a phone with screen on both sides.

The South Korean company was already in news regarding its probably upcoming foldable phones. Initially reported by Lets Go Digital, a patent submitted by Samsung at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) back in April 2017, shows that it wants to make its smartphones double-sided that will add up a second screen on the back of the phone. To further illustrate them, Samsung also demonstrated pictures of the three models.

Where one design shows a screen on both sides – the front screen and the back, the other two designs demonstrate a screen that curves at the bottom and a display curving all the way to the phone’s right side respectively. All the three phones will use sensors to recognize how the phone is being held.

As per Business Insider, these futuristic phones have not been confirmed yet by the company. It has also filed patents for various devices that are yet to be revealed, however, there is still no guarantee if they will ever be released or not.

Reality or not, if these phones are released, they would gather a lot of attention and would also be very interesting. Instead of crowding around one screen, people can actually enjoy the content from both the sides. You won’t also have to turn the phone to the front side to check notifications as they can be accessed from both sides.