Pakistan to buy Mirage - 2000 fighter jets from friendly country

Pakistan to buy Mirage - 2000 fighter jets from friendly country

Qatar is said to have agreed to consider Pakistan’s offer to buy shares in Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), as well as sell Mirage-2000 fighter aircraft to the South Asian nation.

This was revealed at the latest inter-ministerial meeting presided over by Syed Tariq Fatimi, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Coordination, as a follow-up to the Prime Minister’s visit to Qatar in August, reported Business Recorder.

During his recent visit to Qatar, the Finance Minister offered the Qatari side the opportunity to purchase stakes/shares in OGDCL and PPL. The Qataris agreed to consider and continue discussions on the proposal.

On the energy side, Pakistan has requested a third contract for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for two more cargoes per month from Qatar, but the latter is seeking details on Islamabad’s reforms.

On the purchase of the Islamabad and Karachi airports, the meeting was inter-ministerial was informed that the Qatari side was only willing to take part if it involves Aeronautical Income (which is a significant portion of airport revenue). Just leasing retail areas and developing real estate will have little chance of success. Qataris have requested that the deal include the Lahore airport, and also requested that the initial PIA financial and operational data be provided at the earliest.

Additionally, Public Private Partnership (PPP) options are being discussed with IFIs, who have been hired to determine the modalities/structure of the proposed transaction for each of the three airports, as instructed by the Prime Minister. On that basis, the Aviation Division would continue to coordinate with the Qatari side.

Meanwhile, the Power Division shared information about Qatar Investment Authority’s (QIA) acquisition of two LNG power plants, noting that the Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) had been resolved, while debt re-profiling is still being worked out by the Finance Ministry.