Heavy snowfall in Pakistan breaks 35 years old record

Heavy snowfall in Pakistan breaks 35 years old record

ABBOTTABAD: Heavy snowfall on Saturday has broken the record of last 35 years in Galyat as more than 12 feet snowfall has been recorded during 20 days of the current winter season.

Heavy snowfall not only stopped the tourists but also stuck hundreds of thousands of the natives in their houses, main Murree road, Ayubia, Khanuspur, Nathiagali and dozens of other link roads are blocked by snow or due to land sliding which has created havoc.

A severe shortage of food items, petrol, oil, firewood, medicines and other necessities of life and days long electricity breakdown pushed the people of Galyat into deep trouble where neither district government Abbottabad nor Galyat Development Authority (GDA) tried to lessen the miseries of the people.

Two day back at Kundla two tourists cars were buried under the glacier where the locals have rescued four tourists from the cars but their vehicles are still buried under the debris.

In many areas of Galyat glaciers and land, sliding has been reported while in the latest incident land sliding blocked the road at Charayin.

People of the Galyat are waiting for road clearance and provision of food items, firewood and medicines.

They have also demanded to impose emergency in the area.

While talking to APP the spokesperson of GDA Ahsan Hameed said that three KP government departments are working in Galyat for snow clearance including GDA, KPHA, and C&W which has created confusion and the issue of jurisdiction.

He further said that we have written a letter to the provincial government to hand over the task of road clearance to any one of these three departments to end the mix-up.

Ahsan Hameed maintained that we are also purchasing our own proper snow clearing machinery including three Paydozers and two Blowers, we have already purchased two tractors those are being used for snow removal and have ordered for modification in three compactors those were provided by the World Bank to GDA.

After a two days break a new four days long spell of heavy snowfall is also expected in Galyat which was forecasted by the metrology department.

Three more spells of snowfall are also expected in Galyat during the remaining days of February which needs quick action by the local and provincial government.