Pakistan Railways adds 118 locomotives in current fleet

Pakistan Railways adds 118 locomotives in current fleet

ISLAMABAD:Pakistan Railways has added 118 locomotives in its current fleet to replace old and obsolete engines, aimed at enhancing cargo revenues.

Around 1405 modern wagons for coal loading and unloading (hopper wagons) have been procured for Qadirabad Coal Power Plant at Sahiwal.Official sources on Thursday said the proposed improvement on anvil is procurement of 820 high capacity/high speed wagons to replace old and overage fleet of cargo wagons at a cost of Rs. 9516 million in next 1-2 years.

As compared to year 2013-14, during 2016-17, the freighttrains from Karachi Port were increased from 182 trains per year to 3318 trains per year.

The sources said to increase freight earning under a strategy different companies have been enlisted for freight loading in block rakes. Long haul long term agreements have been signed with major companies with advance payment in freight deposit accounts.

Maple Leaf Cement, Bestway Cement, Gharibwal Cement, Awan Trading Company and Chishtian Logistics are some of the major companies which deposit advance payments with Pakistan Railways for their transportation needs.

In comparison to year 2012-2013 when a total number of 46,617 railway wagons were loaded, in 2016-17, 2,64,256 wagons were loaded which is more than five times increase. 

The sources said to improve container traffic, Prem Nagar Dry port, Lahore Dry Port, Faisalabad Dry Port and Jia Bagga have been improved due to which container traffic has improved from 06 containers per day in 2014-2015 to 135 containers per day in 2016-2017.

The agreement between Pakistan Railways Freight Transportation company (PRFTC) and Shandong Ruyi named Chinese Company for transportation of coal will benefit Pakistan Railways upto Rs. 13 billion alone. Such agreements have been signed with PSO for transportation of high Speed diesel from Mehmoodkot to Taru Jabba, Chak Pirana to Sihala after 10 years, which is expected to bring enhanced freight earning for the Railways.APP/AFP