MERSAD: Iran fires Surface to Air Missile in defiance of US, UN

MERSAD: Iran fires Surface to Air Missile in defiance of US, UN

Iran fired a surface-to-air missile, days after President Trump’s administration sanctioned Iranian individuals and companies tied to recent missile tests,.

Iran’s missile program is purely for “defensive purposes,” the foreign ministry said. Trump and his administration have been longtime critics of former US President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, saying prior to his election that he would “renegotiate” it.

The missile used in launch was a short-range Mersad surface-to-air missile, which impacted 35 miles away, according to a US official.

This latest test comes less than a week after the US placed new sanctions on Iran. There’s been a flurry of activity at the Semnan launch pad, located about 140 miles east of Tehran, in recent weeks, officials said.

On Jan. 29, Iran launched a new type of medium-range ballistic missile prompting an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Jan. 31.

A day later the White House issued a strongly worded statement from National Security Adviser Mike Flynn putting Iran “on notice.” President Trump tweeted a similar statement soon after.

On Sunday, Sen Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif, called Iran’s recent ballistic missile launch “very dangerous” and said the launch “should not have happened,” and agreed with President Trump that new sanctions on the Islamic Republic were needed.

UN Resolution 2231 calls upon Iran not to conduct ballistic missile tests — but does not forbid the nation from doing so. The resolution went into effect days after the landmark nuclear deal with signed with Western nations including the US.