Iran shuts down 132 ISIS propaganda websites and arrests 52 people

TEHRAN: Iran’s top cyber cop said that authorities have made 53 arrests and taken down 132 websites as part of an effort to erase the Islamic State group from the Internet. As government agencies and would-be web vigilantes the world over pursue plans to tackle the terror group’s web presence, the head of the Iranian Cyber Police touted Tehran’s own actions this week, local media reported. “The cyber police has been identifying and removing web pages exclusively owned by Daesh or people who in some way supported them and advocated their ideologies,” said Brigadier General Kamal Hadian, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS and ISIL. “We have arrested 53 inside the country” since April 2014, he told the IRNA news agency, adding that “some of the deceived ones were released after signing a pledge” to cease such activities. The Iranian Cyber Police, also known as also known as FATA, had managed to take down 132 ISIS-related websites during that same span, Mr. Hadian added, and have referred more than a 100 foreign-based websites to the relevant international authorities.(Tehran Times)