Three more MQM-P lawmakers join PSP

Three more MQM-P lawmakers join PSP

KARACHI: Three more MQM-P lawmakers jumped ship to join PSP. In the past 10 days, four MPAs and an equal number of MNAs have left MQM-P to join the PSP as general elections draw nearer. 

MNA Mehboob Alam, MPAs Kamran Farooq and Saifuddin Khaliq announced their decision to join PSP in a press conference with Mustafa Kamal.

Kamran Farooq said that he had left MQM-P because the party was internally divided.

Mustafa Kamal said that MQM-P representatives were not being forced to join his party.

"These representatives were not made to join PSP on gunpoint," he said. "MQM-P is a victim of internal conflicts," he added.

Mustafa Kamal claimed that PSP would clean sweep Sindh's urban areas in the forthcoming elections. He said that PSP would win a large number of seats from Sindh's rural areas as well.

"We will make Karachi the most peace-loving city of this country," he said. "The next chief minister will either be from our party or one that is supported by PSP," he added.  APP/AFP

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