Address by Director General PBC Shafqat Jalil at Media Leaders' Summit of Boao Forum

Address by Director General PBC Shafqat Jalil at Media Leaders' Summit of Boao Forum

ISLAMABAD:The Media Leaders' Summit for Asia 2018, as part of Boao Forum has begun in Hainan province.

The opening ceremony was addressed by Huang Kunming Member of Politburo and Pakistan and Laos only.


Text of Director General Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Shafqat Jalil speech at Media Leaders' Summit for Asia 2018


Distinguished Delegates

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please accept compliments for the excellent arrangements made by the Government of People’s Republic of China for the delegates to this Forum and warm hospitality extended to them.

I am personally privileged to be amongst such an august gathering and would like to convey greetings of the Government and people of Pakistan

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Asia, with its myriad cultures and civilizations, different developmental experiences, diversity in thought and ideas, a significant market base, and being the most populous region of the world provides ample opportunities for mutual cooperation for development especially in infrastructure, communications technology, policy and governance, tourism and cultural exchanges. Asian countries have made remarkable achievements in their economic and social development .

The Chinese development experience has yielded beneficial lessons. Over the past two decades, almost half of the world’s poor population has managed to escape poverty with Asian-Pacific countries, especially China, making the greatest contribution to this remarkable achievement. In the past four decades more than 680 million Chinese people have been lifted out of poverty accounting for 70% of the global poverty reduction during this period. This is indeed a monumental achievement.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

China’s  ‘One Belt One Road’ project  is an unprecedeted iniative  of the 21st Century with a spending  of over $3 trillion during the next several decades on infrastructure investments in African  and Asian  countries facing  infrastructural constraints in developing their potential.As a consequence a new logistical architecture would emerge which would  allow  acess to those countries  hitherto denied acess

The BOR initiative launched by People’s Republic of China under the dynamic leadership of President XI Jinping    will have far reaching impact on the socioeconomic development and progress of participating  countries. BOR  will create linkages  among  nations,provide them the necessary infrastructure and  lay a  foundation  for sustainable growth This ambitious plan aims at improving communications by  contructing  roads ,Railways for  connecting Asia with Europe and beyond.It will , reduce distances and improving connectivity.It  will also help  develop major industrial, agricultural and energy centers in the participating countries by establishing special economic  zones.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Pakistan with its diverse cultures, people, and landscape, strategic geographic location, a population of over 200m, a fast growing middle-class, and over a Trillion dollar GDP in Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) terms offers ample opportunities for cooperation in the fields of infrastructure development, transportation, cultural exchanges, trans-regional trade, investment and integration, agriculture and media cooperation.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is  the flagship project of Belt and Road iniitiative.    It provides China with a potential corridor through the Karakoram Highway to the seaport at Gwadar in Balochistan on the Indian Ocean.

Pakistan, being a member of SAARC and SCO, will keep playing its  role by connecting South Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, and China. Pakistan’s coastal regions provide easy access to the warm waters of the Arabian Sea

Ladies and Gentlemen,

CPEC has strengthened the existing   close bonds between Pakistan and China. For Pakistan, it has facilitated to massively overhaul its communication infrastructure complete with new roads and railway lines, gas pipelines and optic fibre link, overcome its energy challenges  and help create potentially 700,000 new jobs leading to  a  likely  increase in its growth rate of up to 2.5 per cent.  

 The Chinese investment in various sectors of Pakistani economy shows the confidence of Chinese investors in the investment and economic Policies of Pakistan.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Media can play an important role by serving as bridge in promoting the essence and spirit of this initiative. Pakistani Electronic as well as Print Media has played its due role in the implementation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and One Belt and Road Initiative in its true perspective. There is a need to enhance cooperation and consolidate public opinion by offering intellectual support for the One Belt and Road Initiative. 

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Asia is at a unique moment in history. Its  rapid integration into the world economy has been one of the most striking global developments of the last generation Technological developments has  helped  developing economies jump traditional development stages, redefining traditional patterns of growth and increasing the potential that exists within these economies today. Moreover, strengthening information networks, particularly through mobile technologies that have the capacity to reach even the remotest customer in the poorest countries of the region, is a technology option that can serve both economic and social development needs.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our focus should be on a more inclusive, balanced and sustainable development in Asian countries.We need to work together to minimize risks, maximize benefits, and overcome challenges to Asia’s development.

We need innovation and ingenuity both in policy formulation and policy application as was pointed out by the Pakistani premier’s speech in 2014 at this august forum.

We reiterate that issues including  coordination for ensuring mutually beneficial endeavors in a peaceful and secure setting;  cohesive laws regarding movement of humans and merchandise, taxation policies, tariff and non-tariff barriers; regional infrastructure for better communications by building better transport networks, convertibility of currencies and uniformity in financial and banking sectors must  be adressed  to accelrate  growth  and economic development

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am grateful to you for your patience and thank the organizers of this  summit  for providing me an opportunity to share my thoughts.

In the end I would urge you to visit Pakistan and see for yourselves the changes we are bringing about in our economy. You will discover a Pakistan keen for economic development, cultural exchange, and cooperation. Pakistan is ready and eager to welcome those who would like to be a part of this process. APP/AFP