Syria releases American Resident after four years

WASHINGTON: Syrian government released American resident Kevin Patrick Dawes after four years.


State Department spokesman John Kirby said “We can confirm and welcome the news that a US citizen was released by Syrian authorities. The United States continues to work through every possible means to ensure the safe release of US citizens reported missing or taken hostage in Syria.”


Kevin Patrick is a freelance photographer and got missing in 2012 when he entered in Syria from Turkey.


Kevin was handed over to Russian authorities on Friday who later handed over him to US Embassy in Moscow.


Russian foreign ministry said “Mr. Dawes was transferred to Moscow in a military plane and handed over to US Embassy representative.”


“We hope he doesn’t put himself in a similar situation again and that Washington will appreciate Damascus’ gesture.”


US official Mark Toner lauded the efforts of Russian government to release the US resident.


Toner claimed to recover another US resident Austin Tice with the help of Russian government who was captured by some armed men in August 2012 in Syria.