Should David Cameron resign after Panama Leaks ?

Should David Cameron resign after Panama Leaks ?

LONDON: Should David Cameron resign from his post after Panama Leaks ?


Thousands of protestors have appeared on the streets of London and chanting slogans against British PM David Cameron.


Protestors are carrying play cards and banners demanding from PM David Cameron to resign from the post of British PM.


Panama Leaks have reached the power corridors of 10 Downing Street.


Panama Leaks had revealed that British PM David Cameron's father owe an off shore company.


British PM had also accepted to have an investment of £30,000 in his father off shore company.


He further added that he sold these off shore companies share before assuming the office of the Prime Minister of Britain.


His countrymen have refused the logic and thousands have gathered outside the 10 Downing Street, the incumbent residence of the Prime Minster of Britain.


Should David Cameron resign even after admitting the fact that he owed the shares before assuming the charge of the PM ?


The question is haunting the minds of millions in UK and across the world as the pressure on Cameron is increasing.


Why should he resign from the office of PM when he never held the off shore companies shares during his tenure as Prime Minster of Britain.


Is keeping the shares of off shore companies in Britain is offence; NO


Did he lied to nation regarding the shares of Off shore companies;NO


Did he not admit that he had held the shares but before coming to the power corridors.


If the answers are no then should he resign ?