Putin lashes out at US over Panama Leaks 

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out at US over Panama Leaks.


He claimed that the exposure of financial documents which rippled several countries is an American plot.


He claimed that west plotted this to create distrust between government and public to weaken the country.


He said “We now know from WikiLeaks that officials and state agencies in the United States are behind all this.”


He also refused any connection with Panama Leaks after Sergei Parkhomenko’s remarks on social media.


Putin said “Your humble servant is not there; there is nothing to talk about.”


Putin’s statement came after the remarks of Sergie Parkhomenko who claimed that $ 2 billion are enough to buy ancient music instruments.


Panama Leaks has created distrust in nations of several countries due to that Iceland’s Prime Minister has resigned from his post and British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing troubles in the country.

British people surrounded his residence and demanded for resignation.