ISIS releases abducted cement workers after hype of ‘Massacre’


DAMASCUS: ISIS affiliated Amaq news agency claimed that ISIS released 300 cement workers after hype of massacre of 175 of them.


Observatory groups and military sources also claimed that the most of the abducted workers have reached their homes.


Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that ISIS released 170 workers after a deal with Dumeir town’s local government.


One of the released worker said “I am all right. Daesh (ISSI) let me go today and I went to the Dumeir military airport for debrief and questioning, and then I went home.”


Earlier, it was claimed that ISIS abducted about 300 employees from a cement factory Al-Badia near Dumeir and massacre 175 of them.


Local residents of Dumeir claimed that there were 250 workers who got missing on Monday after an incident and ISIS didn’t seize them until Wednesday.


Last year, ISIS abducted 220 Assyrian Christians in northeast Syria who were released after negotiations.



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