British PM David Cameron in serious troubles after Panama Leaks 

LONDON: British Prime Minister David Cameron is in serious troubles after Panama Leaks which led massive protests in the country.


Thousands of protesters surrounded his official residence at Downing Street and demanded for his resignation over avoidance to pay tax.


It was reported in secret document that PM David Cameron owned shares worth 30,000 Euro in an offshore company.


Cameron accepted that he acquired shares in 2010 and also paid taxes on them.


He claimed that he sold the shares before he took charge as prime minister.


He said “I know there are lessons to learn and I will learn them. Don’t blame No 10 Downing Street or nameless advisers.”


Earlier, Cameron and his staff issued comments on Panama Leaks.


Iceland prime minister has resigned after massive protest against his involvement in off shore companies.


Earlier, it was claimed that Argentinean footballer Lionel Messi and his father owned the offshore firm.


Panama Leaks reported that at least 12 country leaders and 214,488 entities from more than 200 countries were involved in the scandal.