Anti-terrorist court issues non-bailable warrant of Musharraf in judges detention case

ISLAMABAD: While hearing the judge’s detention case, Islamabad Anti-terrorist court issued non-bailable warrant of Pervez Musharraf and ordered to present accused before the court on April 22.


As per details, anti-terrorist court bench led by Sohail Akram heard the judge’s detention case here at Friday.


During the court proceeding, Judge Sohail Akram inquired where is the accused Musharraf now? Accused counsel replied that his client went abroad for medical treatment after the permission of government.


The ATC court expressed his displeasure over the departure of Musharraf to abroad and inquired defense counsel how the accused departed abroad without taking permission from the court.


Judge Sohail Akram said in his remarks that the government should inform other relevant courts regarding other cases against the accused before removing his name from ECL. On the remarks of court, Defense Counsel replied that the accused was allowed to go abroad by government for medical treatment.


ATC Court issued non-bailable warrant of accused and ordered to present him before the court on April 22.


It is also worthy to mention here that a local court of Islamabad has also issued non-bailable arrest warrant of former president in Ghazi Abdul Rashid murder case.