Shahid Afridi embarrassed Indian cricketer over his disgusting behavior

Shahid Afridi embarrassed Indian cricketer over his disgusting behavior

Former Indian opening batsman Gautam Gambhir is currently facing criticism among Sri Lankan spectators during the 50-over Asia Cup 2023 due to his inappropriate behavior. Last week, during a high-voltage match between Pakistan and India, Indian fans chanted "Kohli, Kohli" to mock Gautam Gambhir in reference to Virat Kohli, alluding to their on-field rivalry.

In response to these chants, the left-handed former batsman appeared visibly agitated and made an overtly inappropriate gesture towards the spectators before exiting the stadium. This behavior faced disapproval from cricket enthusiasts and the general public, leading to criticism of the cricketer turned commentator for his actions.

Subsequently, the former Test cricketer clarified that his actions were a reaction to anti-India slogans from Pakistani fans present in the stadium.

In response to his statement, former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi commented that as a sportsman, everyone should send a positive message to the world. Afridi emphasized that athletes are ambassadors of their respective countries in international sports and it is their responsibility to spread positivity. He stated, "We are ambassadors of our countries; we need to spread positivity, that's my point of view, Gautam can have his own."

It's worth noting that Pakistan and India are set to face each other once again in Sri Lanka on September 10th during the Super Four stage.