Inflation in Pakistan rises further significantly

Inflation in Pakistan rises further significantly

According to a report from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) released on Friday, the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) indicated a weekly inflation increase of 0.96 percent for the week ending on September 7.

During this period, the SPI for the mentioned group reached 279.87 points, up from 277.21 points in the previous week. Among the 51 items considered, 32 saw price increases, 5 experienced decreases, and 14 remained stable.

Notable items that saw price decreases on a week-on-week (WoW) basis included chicken (3.20%), 5-liter cooking oil (1.03%), 2.5 kg vegetable ghee (0.47%), tea packets (0.43%), and 1 kg vegetable ghee (0.14%).

Conversely, items that saw price increases on a WoW basis included tomatoes (17.00%), masoor pulse (10.87%), sugar (6.73%), garlic (4.66%), gur (3.62%), moong pulse (3.55%), onions (3.43%), and gram pulse (3.25%). In the non-food category, diesel (6.28%), LPG (5.19%), and petrol (5.12%) also experienced price hikes.

On a year-on-year (YoY) basis, some commodities experienced price decreases, including tomatoes (34.77%), onions (23.44%), and electricity for q1 (21.96%). In contrast, certain commodities saw YoY price increases, such as wheat flour (117.71%), gas charges for q1 (108.38%), sugar (107.36%), cigarettes (100.16%), rice basmati broken (90.66%), tea packets (88.41%), chilies powder (86.05%), rice irri-6/9 (84.18%), gur (72.83%), gents sponge chappal (58.05%), gents sandal (53.37%), salt powdered (52.07%), powdered milk (42.45%), and bread (42.33%).