Indian Actress turns out to be great fan of Pakistani Cricketer

Indian Actress turns out to be great fan of Pakistani Cricketer

Indian actress Hina Khan couldn't help but praise cricketer Shadab Khan without admiration during the Asia Cup match between Pakistan and India. While Hardik Pandya was at the crease, the strap of his shoe came undone, and it was Shadab Khan who came to the rescue, tying Pandya's shoelaces. This act was captured in photos and videos and quickly went viral on social media, with users applauding Shadab Khan's sportsmanship.

Even Hina Khan, the Indian actress, couldn't resist complimenting Shadab Khan, sharing an image on social media and stating that there is nobility in sportsmanship. It goes to show that irrespective of how modern, progressive, or educated you are, your actions speak volumes about your character.

Whether you are rich or poor, belong to any religion, or hail from any country or speak any language, Indian actress Hina Khan emphasizes that your behavior towards others truly reflects your essence.

On the other hand, Nepalese singer Trishala Gurung also turned out to be a fan of Pakistan's national cricket team captain Babar Azam. Trishala Gurung, the Nepalese singer, has expressed admiration for Babar Azam, stating that players like him are born once in centuries. She's even preparing two national songs for Pakistan and if given the opportunity, she's willing to perform in Lahore and Islamabad.

These instances demonstrate the power of sports to transcend boundaries, bringing people from different backgrounds and cultures together through shared moments of camaraderie and admiration for athletes' sportsmanship and skills

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