How Pakistan can increase livestock exports to $15 billion?

How Pakistan can increase livestock exports to $15 billion?

The introduction of a traceability system within the livestock industry promises not only an elevation in meat quality but also a substantial boost in meat exports. This revelation emerged during a recent review meeting chaired by Ibrahim Murad, the Punjab Minister for the Livestock Department, held on a Thursday. The primary agenda of this meeting revolved around the critical topic of livestock identification and traceability.

Minister Ibrahim Murad, in his address, underscored the transformative potential of the identification and traceability initiative, projecting a remarkable upswing in livestock exports by a staggering one billion dollars. He accentuated the global significance of the Halal meat market, currently estimated at a monumental two trillion dollars.

Importantly, he pointed out that current domestic exports stand at a relatively modest 500 million dollars, a figure the ministry aims to escalate to an impressive 15 billion dollars during the initial phase of implementation.

Minister Murad was resolute in his assertion that the adoption of the traceability system is poised to deliver not just superior meat quality but also a significant surge in meat exports. By raising quality standards, the presently priced $3 per kilogram meat in the global market could potentially command prices of up to $9 per kilogram, heralding a promising future for the livestock sector and the economy as a whole

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