Good news for Pakistan at Global level

Good news for Pakistan at Global level

Pakistan is poised to make history by becoming the inaugural host of the "Global Health Security Summit," slated to convene later this year in Islamabad. The announcement came from Federal Secretary for Health Iftikhar Shallwani, who, on Friday, revealed that Pakistan had received approval from Caretake Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar for this milestone event.

This summit is anticipated to draw together an assembly of approximately 500 participants, featuring 70 delegates representing diverse nations. One of the key objectives of this summit, as articulated by Shallwani, is to culminate in the issuance of an "Islamabad Declaration."

This declaration will serve as a tangible testament to the global commitment to combat the proliferation of diseases collectively and to bolster readiness through a more robust and resilient healthcare infrastructure. The official announcement regarding Pakistan's hosting of this momentous gathering was made by the federal secretary during his leadership of a meeting convened to kickstart preparations for the forthcoming summit.

In his statement, Shallwani emphasized Pakistan's current chairmanship of the 'Global Health Security Agenda' and how hosting this summit will provide an opportunity to demonstrate the nation's unwavering dedication to the cause of safeguarding its citizens and the international community from pandemics.

Highlighting Pakistan's commendable response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal secretary underscored the nation's resilience and collective efforts in combating the virus. He asserted that Pakistan has valuable insights and experiences to contribute to the global fight against pandemics. During the meeting, there was a pressing acknowledgment of the need to fortify disease response and surveillance systems, particularly in light of recent unprecedented floods that triggered the spread of diseases within the country.

The gathering emphasized the interconnectedness of global health security and recognized it as a shared responsibility among nations. Moreover, the high-level meeting charted the thematic areas that will be explored during the summit, which will encompass a series of panel discussions. To ensure the successful execution of this significant event, several committees have been established, reflecting Pakistan's commitment to hosting the summit in a manner befitting its global significance.