Electricity theft crackdown results in political leaders being arrested

Electricity theft crackdown results in political leaders being arrested

Faisalabad/Multan: In Punjab, teams from FESCO and MESCO have taken effective action against individuals involved in electricity theft, apprehending 294 individuals, including two prominent political figures. In People's Colony, under the leadership of Inspector Kashif Zaheer, the Task Force conducted a raid at the residence of former Chief Municipal Corporation Zabeerat. Electrical wires were directly connected to Zabeerat's official residence, leading to the registration of a case against him for electricity theft. It should be noted that Zabeerat has been suspended from his position for the past 5 months due to his involvement in multiple corruption cases.

In another operation, MESCO employees in Multan carried out a major crackdown against electricity thieves, during which 293 individuals, including two significant political figures from Multan, were apprehended while engaged in electricity theft.

Regarding this, a spokesperson for MEPCO mentioned that electricity theft was uncovered at the residence of former MPA Mian Alamdar Qureshi in Muzaffargarh, and domestic meter tampering was discovered under the usage of a bogus meter. A request has been sent to the relevant police station for filing a case against them.

Furthermore, in Khanewal, political leader Rana Irfan Mahmood was arrested for electricity theft. Additionally, in other operations, the Multan police arrested four individuals who were using direct supply connections. So far, 47 electricity thieves have been apprehended in Multan, 47 in DG Khan, 22 in Vehari, and 26 from Bahawalpur. Besides, there were 22 in Sahiwal, 30 in Rahim Yar Khan, 43 in Muzaffargarh, 17 in Bahawalnagar, and 14 electricity thieves were caught in Khanewal.

In total, a fine of 1 crore, 66 lakh, and 94 thousand rupees was imposed on electricity thieves. According to the MEPCO spokesperson, requests were sent to the respective police stations for the inclusion of 285 cases against electricity thieves, with 18 cases against electricity thieves already registered.

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