Another political leader gunned down in Karachi

Another political leader gunned down in Karachi

Late Thursday evening, in Sector 4C of Karachi's Surjani Town, a tragic incident unfolded when a member of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) union council, identified as Mohammad Habib, lost his life in a violent altercation concerning illegal electricity connections, commonly referred to as "Kunda." Habib had been serving as a ward councillor for the JI, adding a political dimension to the incident.

Following this distressing event, the local law enforcement swiftly responded by dispatching a substantial police presence to the scene to initiate a thorough investigation into the matter. As the news of this incident spread, it raised concerns within the community, triggering a demand for justice and accountability.

Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman, the President of JI Karachi, shed light on the circumstances leading to Habib's unfortunate demise. According to Rehman, Habib had been alerted to the existence of an illegal electricity connection and had headed to a meeting to address the issue.

Tragically, he was fatally shot shortly after departing from this meeting. In a grave accusation, Rehman claimed that the Kunda mafia enjoyed political support from the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

Expressing outrage and determination, the JI Karachi chief called upon the Inspector General of Police (IG) to take immediate action by apprehending the responsible individuals and those who may have aided them. He also warned that the JI would not hesitate to stage protests if the authorities failed to file a proper first information report for the incident or tampered with the medical examination of the victim's body