Enough is Enough, No more concessions, Islamabad tells Delhi

Enough is Enough, No more concessions, Islamabad tells Delhi

NEW DELHI – Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan has said that enough is enough, no more concession to India due to continued aggression and oppression against the Kashmiri people.

In an interview with *‘The Hindu’**, *the minister clarified that Pakistan denied President Ram Nath Kovind the use of Pakistani airspace for his flight to Iceland this month

“We got India’s request for their President’s flight. It was discussed with all relevant quarters and decided that enough is enough, no more concession for India,” the minister told.

Ghulam Sarwar also maintained that Pakistan allowed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to use the Pakistani airspace for his visit to France in August as a goodwill gesture but India continued to flout international laws.

“Different options are under consideration at the moment regarding Pakistani airspace’s use for Indian flights. Apart from VVIP flights, we are considering not to allow Indian Airlines to use our airspace,” the minister mentioned.

“Another option might be to disallow flights that originated from India and/or their final destination was India,” he told the Indian media. He said Pakistan marked its “Defence Day” on September 6 as Kashmir Solidarity Day.

“As it had been more than a month now that people in Kashmir did not have access to hospitals, there was food shortage, students could not go to schools or colleges. How can we stay immune to all this,” he asked.

Apart from public pressure, the Federal Cabinet and members of Parliament felt that India should not be given any more concession.

“India attacked Pakistan after the Pulwama incident. We only responded, and successfully so. India closed its airspace after Balakot air strikes. We responded. But we also opened the airspace again as a goodwill gesture. Unfortunately, India has taken our goodwill gestures as signs of weakness,” he said.