Afghan Taliban gives stern warning to America

Afghan Taliban gives stern warning to America

KABUL - Afghan Taliban gives stern warning to America over missed Opportunity of meeting with US President Donald Trump.

Now that the US President Trump has called off the negotiations with the Islamic emirate, this has damaged the US the most, has affected its reputation, has further disclosed its anti-peace stance, and increased financial losses and loss in lives and affected America’s activities when it comes to political interaction,” the statement said.

Afghan Taliban have reacted over US President Donald Trump calling off secret meeting at Camp David to finalise the peace deal for Afghanistan.

Taliban announced their stance on US President Donald Trump’s decision to call off negotiations with the group almost 12 hours after it was made public in a tweet by the United States leader.

The Taliban in a statement said that they had “productive negotiations” with the US negotiators and “the agreement was finalized”, TOLONEWS has reported.

It added that the US team was satisfied with the progress in the talks until yesterday [Saturday, Sept. 7] and our talks ended in a good environment. And meanwhile, both sides were preparing for announcing and signing of the peace deal, the statement said.

“We had selected September 23 for beginning intra-Afghan negotiations after signing of the peace agreement,” the Taliban said, adding that regional, world countries and international organizations were supporting the process".