Trophy hunting licenses given by wildlife department

Trophy hunting licenses given by wildlife department

GILGIT (APP): The Gilgit Baltistan wildlife department distributes 98 licenses of trophy hunting of precious animals for foreign, national and local successful bidders.

The permit auction ceremony was held in Gilgit on Thursday It was presided by divisional Forest officer and Wildlife Walayat Noor and a large number of foreign, national and local bidders.

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The hunting permits for 4 markhors, 80 ibexes and 14 blue sheep were auctioned in forest complex Gilgit.

The highest rate offered for a Markhor was 65,700 USD, for Ibex 3,300 USD and for Blue Sheep the highest bid was of 8,300 USD, Ibex Highest rate offered for National Rs.300,000 and 55,000 for local GB.

The departments reserved rate was for a Astor Markhor was 65,000 USD, for Ibex 3,100 USD and for Blue Sheep 8,000 USD,Ibex rate for National Rs.100,000 and 50,000 for local GB.

Addressing the occasion, conservator wildlife and parks Ghulam Muhammad said that legal hunting is a unique so large number of foreigners and nationals people was interested.

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He said that trophy hunting quota was increased on the basis of annual surveys conducted by the wildlife experts and the demand of the local communities.

Local communities controlled illegal hunting in the region with calibration of Wildlife department.

In the end of trophy hunting auction process the communities and wildlife department enable to earn millions of rupees on base of 80% shair for communities and 20% for Wildlife GB.

Meanwhile the hunting season begins in November and ends in April, every year.