PS - 127 Karachi Bye-Elections: ECP code of conduct

PS - 127 Karachi Bye-Elections: ECP code of conduct

ISLAMABAD (APP): Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has advised the candidates and political parties contesting the by elections in PS 127, Karachi to stop their election campaign from Tuesday midnight (Sep 6 and 7).

After the midnight of September 6 and 7 all public meetings and political campaign, including on electronic and print media, must come to a halt, the ECP said.

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According to ECP official, the candidates, political parties participating in the by elections of Karachi XXXIX must stop their election campaign 48 hours before the polling day, adhere to law thus paving the way for holding by elections in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

The candidates violating deadline would be imposed rigorous imprisonment for a term, may be extended six month or with fine up to Rs 100,000 or both, it added.

The polling would be held in PS 127 Karachi on September 8, 2016.