Avoid storage of meat after Eidul Azha : Health Experts

Avoid storage of meat after Eidul Azha : Health Experts

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Health experts on Thursday advised people to avoid the storage of meat after the Eidul Azha as it can contain number of bacteria leading to diseases.

The excessive use of red meat during Eid-ul-Azha can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular, kidney, liver, diabetes and gastroenteritis diseases.

Talking to APP, Dr.Arif Majeed said that eating excessive meat during Eidul Azha could have negative impacts on individual health and especially for those who stored this meat for several months and use this frozen meat for meals would be very harmful which directly effects on Kidneys and cardiac problems.

He said excessive use of meat is very harmful for people, especially who were already suffering from cardiovascular, liver and kidney diseases.

He said it can also enhance uric acid and cholesterol level among people, which increases the risk of various diseases.

He said eating excessive use of meat increases the risk of heart, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and gastroenteritis diseases; therefore, women should prepare meat with vegetables and avoid spicy foods during Eid days in order to reduce the risk of contracting various severe diseases.