Nawaz Sharif takes yet another dig against the Pakistan Army Generals

Nawaz Sharif takes yet another dig against the Pakistan Army Generals

Former PM Nawaz Sharif in his address to the parliamentarians took a hit at the military personnel "who have digressed" from the Constitution, saying that the army can only become the "world's best" if it sticks to its constitutional role.

"I know an overwhelming majority [in the army] sticks to constitutional boundaries, but there are few who have digressed. Those names are few, they can literally be counted on fingertips [but] they have defamed the entire army and that is not acceptable to me," the PML-N supremo said. "I respect my soldiers and generals, but I cannot respect those who do not respect the Constitution, who rig elections."

He also directed his party's parliamentarians to take a stand, saying that they were not "rented members".

"You (PML-N leaders) had won the election, but he was given victory. The *tabdeeli* person," Nawaz said, referring to PM Imran and added that those who "rigged" the 2018 general elections, had "violated the Constitution and committed a crime".

"We are not sheep that can be herded and if this has been happening [in the past], it will not happen anymore! We will make Pakistan a respectable country," he vowed and added that any member who "was scared should sit at home. We don't need cowards. You don't deserve to be in the assemblies if you are scared".

Nawaz also criticised the PTI government for "begging" other countries for money even though they had promised not to do so.