Pak-Afghan border tension damaging regional peace: Analysts

Pak-Afghan border tension damaging regional peace: Analysts

ISLAMABAD: Defence and Diplomatic analysts Monday said border skirmishes between Pakistan and Afghanistan were not in the bilateral and regional interest and could harm the common objective of peace and prosperity in the region.

"The best way to address issues, if any, is to hold dialogue, because if the two countries fight with each other, it will detract them from the common objective of fighting terrorism and extremism and bringing in peace in the region," Fauzia Nasreen, a former diplomat, told APP.

Looking at the tension at Chaman border in wider perspective, she referred to the sentence of Kulbhushan Jadav in Pakistan as well as Pak-India relations, and viewed that India could also use its influence in Afghanistan.

She, however, added that the closure of Pak-Afghan border due to such conflicts would affect the transit trade, and would add to the sufferings of Afghan people.

Air Vice Marshal (R) Shahzad Chaudhry while commenting on the Afghan attack at Chaman border was of the view that Afghanistan, owing to various pressures and influences, had no control on its policy, and took such steps occasionally to exhibit its state sovereignty.

He, however, mentioned that Pakistan being a nuclear power was in a far better position, and continues to show restraint and only acts against terrorist targets.

He described the incident at Chaman border as "unfortunate" and "exceptional" and expressed the hope that such incidents would not occur in future.

Brig (R) Mahmood Shah said there was a need to have effective border management between Pakistan and Afghanistan to check terrorism and extremism.

He also urged the need of early repatriation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan to Afghanistan on emergency basis. He was of the view that Pakistan should review its policy towards Afghanistan, which was being influenced by India. (APP)