Be it India or any Super Power, PM Imran Khan minced no words

Be it India or any Super Power, PM Imran Khan minced no words

CHACHRO, Tharparkar Reiterating the country’s desire for peace and not war, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday categorically stated that Pakistan would not be subdued at all and would fight till the end to protect its independence and sovereignty.

“Be it India or any Super Power, if anyone wants us to be subdued, we and our armed forces would fight to the end. Our people as well as the armed forces are fully prepared”, he warned while addressing a large public meeting here in District Tharparkar after distributing health cards among the poor families.

The Prime Minister said since Pakistan desired peace and had also sent this message to New Delhi time and again, adding, “We also handed over to India their [captured] pilot, because we do not want war, and also offered Pakistan’s cooperation to India after the Pulwama incident.”

He, however, categorically stated that no one should have any misunderstanding that it was due to any fear. “This is a new Pakistan and we want poverty alleviation”.

The Prime Minister said after coming to power, he talked to Indian Prime Minister, telling him that the subcontinent was facing highest levels of poverty in the world, and that all issues should be resolved through dialogue.

“But I did not know that Modi will do all this after launching his election campaign,” the Prime Minister regretted. “If you (Modi) indulged in any bloodshed of Pakistanis to win the elections, there should not be any misunderstanding, we will retaliate”, he warned.

Imran Khan said since he was born in an independent Pakistan as against his parents who were born in a slave India, his parents never let him forget this fact.

“When I describe Tipu Sultan as our hero, it is because of the fact that Tipu Sultan opted to fight for independence till his last moment of life, whereas Bahadur Shah Zafar surrendered and accepted slavery”, he remarked.

The Prime Minister said the government as well as all the political parties in Pakistan under the National Action Plan were committed to and had decided not to let any armed group to function in the country.

“We have decided to fully implement the National Action Plan and will not let any armed or militant group to use Pakistani soil for terrorism”, he added.

The Prime Minister said it was a new Pakistan which was aiming to attract investment, giving employment to youth and eliminating poverty.