Women traffic wardens in Lahore defying stereotypes

Women traffic wardens in Lahore defying stereotypes

LAHORE:“There is nothing women can’t do,” says Asma Iftikhar as she puts on her helmet and drives away on her heavy bike.

A traffic warden from Lahore, Asma can be seen patrolling the streets of the city, issuing tickets and smashing stereotypes. An only daughter, Asma tells Geo News she has been brought up to face challenges head-on and not back down. “There was an impression that only men could ride heavy bikes. But we are proof that women are also able to do this and perform their duties.”

Asma isn’t the only female traffic warden in Lahore. Women can be seen directing traffic on several main roads of the walled city. “We receive appreciation from other women and the people,” says a female warden. Another states that confidence is key when dealing with motorists. “If you are working in this profession, you should have enough confidence to answer back to people.”

Asma and other female traffic wardens show that there is no job that women cannot do and challenges need to be overcome to move ahead in life.  APP/AFP