Pakistani IT companies significant role in international digital healthcare: Report

Pakistani IT companies significant role in international digital healthcare: Report

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Pakistani IT companies are contributing significantly at international level in the field of digital healthcare to improve the quality, effectiveness value of healthcare.

Pakistani IT firms and provider of web-based all-in-one healthcare solutions and associated services that empower care providers to improve the quality and value of healthcare while optimizing efficiency and profitability.

Director Business Development/ Operations Saeed Ali Abbas Hassan told APP, Pakistan's IT companies have not overlooked the opportunity afforded by greater IT penetration in the healthcare market.

He said, Cure MD is the first IT Company to offer cloud - based services to the healthcare industry. Black Book Rankings by industry market research firm Brown -Wilson ranked Cure MD as one of the top 4 EMR vendors in the US based on physicial satisfaction.

CureMD has won a number of different innovation awards, including the Asia Paciªc Information Technology Alliance's APICTA Award for e-Health applications and MedTech Journal's Innovation Award, he added.

He said, IKNAMI Ltd, another Pakistani IT firm in healthcare software, was acquired by Red cliffe Publishing Ltd. Whose parent company, Electric World Plc, is a specialist information publisher focused on the healthcare vertical.

With its products installed in 410 hospital trusts of the National Health Service (NHS), Ikonami can be proud of its contributions to one of the largest healthcare providers in the world.

He said IT companies in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are working in different fields including Ehealth. Main IT markets are in North America, Europe and middle East .

"We also work with chambers and we are going to organize RCCI award ceremony in collaboration with Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (RCCI) in April and the theme for the event would be `Digital Healthcare'", he remarked.

Pakistani companies are making significant headway in this direction, as the country's growing middle class demands a more responsive service, and hospitals seek to arrive in the age of automation and eHealth.

Companies such a Kabot International, SiS Services, Electronic Solutions Pakistan (ESOLPK), Netsol, and Micro Innovations are developing a range of healthcare IT products such as, Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMs), Electronic Health Records (HER), healthcare management systems, billing and patient management systems, compliance systems, laboratory management systems, and pharmaceutical systems.

The future market growth in healthcare IT is expected to come from the tremendous demand for general applications, which includes electronic medical records, computerized physician order entry systems, and non-clinical systems.