Pakistan spends over $ 1129 million on import of travel services

Pakistan spends over $ 1129 million on import of travel services

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan has spent US $ 1129.940 million by acquiring different travel services from various countries during the first ten months of ongoing fiscal year 2019-20.

This shows decrease of 2.60 percent as compared to US $ 1160.050 million spent through provision of services during the last year (2018-19), Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported.     

During the period under review, the imports of personal travel services witness nominal decrease of 0.93 percent, by going down from US $ 1122.090 million last year to US $ 1111.680 million during July-April (2019-20).

Among these personal services, imports of personal expenditure decreased by 49.36 percent from $1.560 million to $ 0.790 million whereas the education expenditure witness increase of 4.48 percent, by going up from $84.450 million to $88.230 million, data revealed.

In addition, import of other personal services were decline by 1.30 percent, out of which religious services witnessed growth of 109.61 percent from $169.812 million to $ 355.935 million while the imports other services decreased by 23.03 percent from $866.268 million to $666.725 million.

Meanwhile, imports of business services decreased by 51.90 percent from US $37.960 million to US $18.260 million, the PBS data revealed.