MQM Leader Nadeem Nusrat burst out at Government


KARACHI: MQM Convener Nadeem Nusrat has alleged that only MQM is being targeted in Karachi operation as several MQM workers have been killed in extra judicial killing .

While addressing a press conference here at Khurshid Begum Trust via video link from London, Nadeem Nusrat claimed that PSP and MQM (Haqeeqi) are being backed by few forces to create space for new entrants but those forces would not succeed in their designs.

He further added that MQM is being pushed against the wall as only MQM is being targeted in Karachi operation since the launch of the Karachi operation.

Talking about recent victory of MQM in Karachi by-election, he explained that MQM has succeeded to win by-election with the support of Karachi people while other parties even cannot win councilor seat if they had to face similar situation as of MQM but it is the trust of people over the leadership of Altaf Hussain that people casted their votes in favor of MQM candidates.

Unannounced ban has been imposed on MQM welfare organization KKF over collection of charity amount, Nadeem Nusrat elaborated stating that over 10 thousands raids have been conducted in Karachi operation over the houses of MQM workers and supporters.

Over 4 thousands workers have been arrested and 1027 are behind the bar, Nadeem claimed adding that more than 60 workers were killed in extra judicial killing .




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