Massive explosion erupted at Dubai Jebel Ali Port

Massive explosion erupted at Dubai Jebel Ali Port

DUBAI – A massive explosion erupted on an anchored ship at Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port send tremors across the commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates.

Reports in international media suggest that the frightened residents captured the fire erupted after the fiery blast which is said to be powerful enough to be seen from space by a satellite.

The huge blaze can be seen on the vessel at the busiest port in the Middle East, as the blast triggered a shock wave in the neighbourhoods as far as 25 kilometres.

Authorities also shared the footage of firefighters dousing giant shipping containers on social media.

News outlets quoting officials said no casualties were reported at the site while Dubai’s civil defence teams doused the fire almost two and a half hours after the explosion. However, the damage caused by the blast to the port and surrounding cargo was not immediately revealed.

*Al-Arabiya TV *of KSA quoting the director-general of the Dubai Media Office reported that “the crew had evacuated in time and that the fire appeared to have started in one of the containers holding flammable material, without elaborating.” It further added that “the incident could happen anywhere in the world while the authorities are investigating the cause of the incident.”

Jebel Ali Port boasts a handling capacity of more than 22 million containers and sprawling terminals that can berth some of the world’s largest vessels.