Turf20: New Cricket ball introduced for T20 cricket

Turf20: New Cricket ball introduced for T20 cricket

DUBAI - Cricket goods manufacturing company Kookaburra has launched a new ball meant specifically for Twenty20 cricket, and they hope to introduce it in various T20 competitions across the globe as well as in the 2020 ICC World T20 to be held in Australia.

The ball, named ‘Turf20’, has been constructed in a way to hold up against the rigours of the slam-bang version of cricket, reported cricket.com.au <link>. The report added that the new ball was also used in a blind test in the North Territory Strike competition.

As of now, the same ball is used in 50-over and T20 cricket around the world.

The company’s spokesman Shannon Gill said, “As Twenty20 cricket evolved, Kookaburra thought there should be a way to create a ball specific to its needs rather than follow the traditional method of ball-making that is used in Test cricket.”

“A Test ball is designed to gradually deteriorate over 80 overs, this is an integral element to Test cricket. Twenty20 cricket has evolved quite differently; the ball is only needed for 20 overs and the action is more intense and explosive than Test cricket. This means gradual deterioration is not as big a factor, instead a ball that meets the demands of the power hitting game has been created.”

“In follow-up feedback, the players responded they did not notice any difference to the way the ball played as far as bounce and speed, but there were comments on the improved hardness of the ball through the 20 overs,” Gill said.