Maryam Nawaz wikipedia page locked after being edited as "criminal"along with politician

Maryam Nawaz wikipedia page locked after being edited as

ISLAMABAD - Free online encyclopedia Wikipedia has locked Maryam Nawaz’s page following “abusive edits”.

The page had been locked for one year post “abusive edits”. “This is not the first time her page has been locked. However, her page has not been locked for this long before.

Tweaks included Maryam being introduced as a “politician and criminal” from “Pakistani politician”. Many attempted to insert terms including “criminal” in her description and biography. “People added criminal multiple times in the lead section and tried to change her birth year from 1973 to 1960. The information present in the lead section appears in the Google knowledge graph, next to the search result.

“Maryam’s Wikipedia profile has been getting 1,000 unique hits since January. We received around 15,000 unique hits yesterday,” Saqib an expert associated with the website said attributing the increased interest to the July 6 Avenfield verdict.

An accountability court hearing the Avenfield reference against the Sharif family on Friday handed down former prime minister Nawaz Sharif a 10-year jail term. The court also sentenced Maryam to seven years. Her husband, Muhammad Safdar was also ordered jailed for one year. The court also slapped £8 and £2 million fines on Nawaz and Maryam respectively and ordered the properties to be forfeited in favour of the federal government.