Vladimir Putin asks Russian Armed Forces to prepare for war

Vladimir Putin asks Russian Armed Forces to prepare for war

MOSCOW: Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered a "snap check" of the country's armed forces, said defence minister Sergey Shoigu, even informing the air force to prepare for a “time of war”.

According Russian media, the order is aimed at checking whether agencies and troops are ready for battle, with the same order ensuring that systems are ready to fight, with the government confirming that preparations along these lines have already begun.

Shoigu said, “In accordance with the decision by the Armed Forces Supreme Commander, a snap check of the Aerospace Forces began to evaluate readiness of the control agencies and troops to carry out combat training tasks.”

"Special attention should be paid to combat alert, deployment of air defense systems for a time of war and air groupings’ readiness to repel the aggression," he added.

The Russian military’s mobilisation should be considered concerning, with tensions rife between the country and other superpowers.

New US President Donald Trump is still an unknown entity in regards to his foreign policy, with his administration both condemning Russia’s military campaign as well as being criticized for being too close with Russia’s leaders. In addition the country’s is already in a strained tug of war with NATO countries, who have strongly condemned Russian advances into Ukraine and specifically Crimea.

Russian military has conducted an increasing number of exercises and activities in recent times, which includes last month’s launch of the biggest Arctic military push since the fall of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, the country has expressed its intentions to expand military scope during 2017, with plans to increase artillery as well as increase the number of tanks, armoured vehicles and aircraft.

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