National Task Force formed to stop terrorist funding

National Task Force formed to stop terrorist funding

ISLAMABAD: Federal Government has decided to form National Task Force to stop terrorist funding in the country. Interior Ministry has given task to National Counter Terrorism Authority NACTA in this regard.


As per details, the representatives of Federation, Provinces and NGOs will be included in Task Force and NACTA has also been asked to give the names of their representatives.


According the Interior Ministry sources, the National Task Force will keep an eye on internal and external funding of NGOs and charity organizations and the Task Force will also recommend legislation to stop funding of terrorists. Stopping the terrorist funding has been a great challenge through out the world to curb terrorism. Different countries have adopted various legislations to stop the terrorist fundings in their respective jurisdictions.


NGOs and Charity organisations have been found involved in money laundering and terrorist funding in Pakistan and across the world. The National Task Force is aimed at identifying the source of funding and to recommend the appropriate measures to bring an end to terrorist funding in the country.