ISI-NDS intelligence sharing pact likely to be revived soon

ISI-NDS intelligence sharing pact likely to be revived soon

ISLAMABAD: The discussion between the intelligence agencies of Pakistan and Afghanistan are expected to resume again over the proposed agreement of intelligence sharing between ISI-NDS. 


As per details, the matter of intelligence sharing came under discussion in the recent meeting between ISI Chief Gen. Rizwan and NDS Chief Masood in ISI Headquarters. 


Both Chiefs also discussed security and intelligence affairs in this meeting. However, both agencies denied the meeting of the Chiefs.


The diplomatic sources claimed that Pakistan and Afghanistan are likely to discuss the revival of intelligence sharing agreement between their spy agencies soon.  Pakistani and Afghan Intelligence agencies signed an memorandum of understanding last year to enhance the bilateral cooperation in the field of terrorism and intelligence sharing.

However certain anti Pakistan elements in Afghan Parliament and Establishment did not like the idea of bilateral cooperation with ISI as they considered ISI as the root cause of the problem rather than the solution.

NDS Chief even at that time did not sign the agreement and one of his Deputy Director was tasked to sign the agreement. Subsequently NDS Chief Saleh had also to resign from his post over his differences with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghnai with regards to his Pakistan policy.