US blacklists 10 companies over links with Pakistani nuclear program

US blacklists 10 companies over links with Pakistani nuclear program

NEW YORK – The Biden administration has placed ten companies in Pakistan and the UAE for supporting the nuclear activities of the South Asian country.

It said that 10 companies in Pakistan and UAE posed unacceptable risks of using or diverting items for Pakistan's nuclear activities or are involved Pakistan's "nuclear activities and missile proliferation-related activities."

The ten firms are the total 24 companies added to an export control list for aiding Russia’s military or defense industrial base or for supplying an Iranian electronics company.

The US Commerce Department said that the entities, based in Latvia, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland, has been place on the list due to US national security and foreign policy concerns.

The foreign companies include Fiber Optic Solutions in Latvia and Russia's AO Kraftway Corporation PSC, Russian AO Scientific Research Center for Electronic Computing, LLC Fibersense, and Scientific Production Company Optolin, AO PKK Milandr; Milandr EK OOO; Milandr ICC JSC; Milur IS, OOO; (OOO) Microelectronic Production Complex (MPK) Milandr; and Ruselectronics JSC and Swiss based Milur SA.

The Biden administration also designated four trading and supply companies in Singapore for supplying or attempting to supply an Iranian electronics company, Pardazan System Namad Arman (PASNA).