Thousands of local flee eastern Afghanistan province bordering Pakistan as 1600 Daesh Militants arrive

KABUL: Daesh would have seized several strategic points in Afghanistan, while 1600 caliphate proclaimed fighters are present in the country. The terrorist group, which plans to establish a new province in Afghanistan, would have particularly taken possession of several districts of Jalalabad. Pictures of a jihadist training camp in particular have been broadcasted on social networks. The Afghan army is trying meanwhile to contain the phenomenon, but must face the loss of about 500 men per month. Thousands of villagers fled their communities to try to escape this growing threat. For their part, the Afghan Taliban appear more weakened than ever - this Sunday, December 6, doubt hangs over even the death of their leader Mullah Mansour. This situation, coupled with the withdrawal of Western forces could explain the vacated space for Daesh. (The Independent)