Cracks appear in the PDM coalition government in Islamabad

*KARACHI: After witnessing no progress on the political deal, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) leader Waseem Akhtar hinted at leaving the coalition government’s side and asked the ruling parties to review their policies. *

Waseem Akhtar was talking to journalists during an event to welcome nearly 250 political activists who have joined back the MQM-P. The members of the MQM-P Rabita Committee were also present at the press conference.

He gave a clear message to the coalition government, saying that MQM-P will be independent in making decisions if political agreements are not implemented. He added that MQM-P Rabita Committee will take a big decision on any option whether to leave the government’s side or continue to support it.

“MQM is struggling for the rights of the urban Sindh and highlighting the atrocities before the current rulers. These atrocities continued to hit the MQM vote bank. Delimitation, flawed voter lists and other tactics are being used against MQM. Hurdles are being created for us via artificial religious and political parties.”

Akhtar asked the federal and provincial governments to review their policies. He said that MQM-P wants the elimination of a 40 per cent quota as government jobs are being distributed through fake domiciles.