Pakistan refuses to play U-19 Asia Cricket Cup in India

Pakistan refuses to play U-19 Asia Cricket Cup in India

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will raise an objection to India hosting the U-19 Asia Cup in the upcoming development and annual general meetings of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), set to take place on August 11 and 12.

The hosting rights have been allotted to India and the matches will happen in Bengaluru. However, Pakistan does not want to send a team to India given the recent political tensions between the two sides.

“Since Pakistan is current chair of ACC, we will discuss this matter on August 12 in Colombo. There are secure neutral venues outside India and Pakistan where the championship can be held,” Najam Sethi, head of PCB’s executive committee, said to cricket website ESPNcricinfo.

Another unnamed official told the site that whilst Pakistan is willing to play the tournament, it wasn’t feasible to play in India currently.

”We definitely want to play the tournament, being an important member in the ACC. But playing in India in present circumstances is not possible. There will be a visa glitch and a lot of other off-field issues will prevail. We don’t want to face any inconvenience ahead of the event.”